Sexy Eye Makeup Appearance You Can Get in Five Minutes

You don’t need to worry about your makeup again with these amazing 13 looks.  Consider these sexy eye makeups.

Candlelit Eyes

The candlelit eyes have become one of the sexiest eye makeup you can create within five minutes.


Cat Eye

There is no need worrying about getting an amazing eye makeup when you go for this cat eye style.

Bronze Smoky Eyes

You will nail it perfectly as a goddess when you show up with the bronze smoky eyes.


Tropical Teal Liner

Nights out can take a new twist for you when you copy this type of makeup.

Shimmery Eyes

Shimmery eyes will give you a lighter and cool look.


Vibrant Lips / Bold Liner

This is another twist that will give you a combo on the lips and eyes.

A Mod Smoky Eye

The mod smoky eye is from the 60’s and you are not going to unnoticed in any event.

Sultry Rocker Eyes

Take your makeup to the next level when you use the sultry rocker eyes.  It is super sexy.

Major Mint Eyes

One of the ways to have a major moment as a lady is to have major mint eyes.


Smoky Eyes

An epitome of sexy eyes is what you will get from these smoky eyes.