Set The Pace With Native Print Styles

Hey Guys,

The joy of posting a picture of our latest native print styles and everyone is asking us who did the sewing is unimaginable.  If you want to make an impression with your outfit,  we look out for that piece that would give us the command we desire.  The advantage of thinking one step ahead of others when it comes to our African print styles is to we look unique.

We don’t need to look like everyone with an Aso Ebi outfit. We can twerk our outfits to stand out and yet, still obey the similarity rule.  The next time you want to make an outfit, ensure that you have a thought of what you want to achieve when you come out with it.

There have been sorry-stories of beautiful outfits making a horrible appearance because the style didn’t conform with our body shapes.  The body shape, the fabric and the style have a lot to do with your appearance.

If there is something unique about Africans, it is our quest to use our African prints in creating gorgeous  outfits.  Don’t forget that some of the designs we may pick are going to fade off within a short time especially some of the trending outfits.

Don’t get worked up trying to create an outfit from a catalogue when you can recreate and add your own creativity to it.