Secrets Personal Stylists Won’t Tell Unless You Pay

Most celebrities have personal stylists that hoard their fashion secrets. The reason for this is to keep individual secret, very secret. However, we have not stopped searching out some of these secrets. We have gathered some of the secret weapons that stylists use on most stars for you.

Here are some of them:

You Are Assessed By What You Wear

People are totally judging you by your clothing

People don’t read a fashion person first but the appearance first before they make their judgment.  Your cover and not what you know about fashion or the fashion arsenals in your closet judge you. If you appear unkempt or slovenly, many people would not take you serious. Don’t ever appear messy if you are in public.

Style doesn’t have to mean dresses and heels

You can experiment with other outfits. Don’t be shy to try out some fashion ideas you see people use.  There was a time sneakers was a no-no for a native outfit, today, the reverse is the case.

Instagram Can be Deceitful

You mustn’t believe everything you find on the social media. So many people tailor their looks to suit the public.  Most people who put on some outfits on the social media may not have the nerve to try them in real life.

You mustn’t spend a lot of time selecting an outfit

Your day can be ruin when you spend too much time looking for what you would wear.  There is what is called decision fatigue.  When you make too many decisions in a day, you can end up with decision fatigue. You mustn’t waste your energy or brainpower early in the morning chasing the best piece you would wear for the day.   You can use a free day to select the clothes you need for a week. This would save you time and energy.