Secrets Of A Getting Great Customer Service Without Paying

Businesses in Africa often suffer from losses due to the type of customer care service departments they operate. We can tell you that a good business should have an excellent service towards customers. For our African brethrens who don’t understand this aspect of business, we have given you reasons why you should take a good at it.

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be getting the best deals at the market, restaurants and banks? The truth is simple; these people have learnt the rope of getting a great customer service without paying additional money for it. God save you if you end up in the hands of a lazy clerk or even a surly waiter, you would wish why you ever left your house for that particular service. Relax! We have unveiled the secrets that would help get the best customer service anywhere in the world.

Here are the tips for enjoying a great customer service.

  1. Throw Away Your Pessimism

The moment you arrive a scene with negativity, you are surely going to have those thoughts play out in real life. Leave pessimism at the door and walk in with optimism. Think of being served excellently and let your positive attitude play its part. Do not make demands. Instead, let your energy into developing lighthearted vibes early.

  1. Manage Your First Few Seconds

It is said that the first few seconds are very important in designing the type of reception you may get. Smile and greet politely at the service provider. Do not try to be pushy or aggressive because servers would always favour those who are pleasant to deal with.

  1. Support the Customer Service Provider

Sometimes, a lot of things may stand on your way of getting a great customer service. What do you do? Try and support the service provider. Sometimes, you may end up with a receptionist in a bad mood, try and offer a sincere compliment or even tease the person.

  1. The Word is Respect

No matter how lofty you are, try and treat the service provider with respect. This is important because humans react negatively to pompous or arrogant persons. Try and show up with your best manners and remember to say ‘Thank You’.

  1. Be Thoughtful and Generous

You should be generous when you are given a good service. Let the people know how happy you are and even go ahead to give positive suggestions. The next time, you come be assured of an excellent service. These tips are easy to follow anywhere in Africa.

Can you see how easy it is for you to get a great customer service without paying for it? Try these tips and watch yourself become the envy whenever you turn up for a service.