Secret Beauty Routines That Will Transform Your Look

Some said that looks can be deceptive but not ever look.  We have some secret beauty routines that can help you transform your look. Every day can be a joker when it comes to looking prettier. Here are some of the routines we want you know:

Under eye bags and dark circles

Do you have dark circles or under eye bags? It can be embarrassing! With used chamomile tea bags, you can tell it good bye. All you need to do is to store these bags in the freezer.  The next thing is to grate a cucumber (half) and then massage around your eye area. Leave the tea bags for 10 minutes on your eyes and see the difference.

Face lift

Either you rub or wash your face with ice water, or you use ice cube with a tablespoon of honey on your face. You need to beat an egg white until you see it peak before brushing it onto the skin. When you allow it to dry, you will surely feel that skin stretch. Then wash your face with ice water.

Tired eyes

Tired eyes are common and the best way to sparkle them is to take ice water and a few drops of rose water, and two drops of honey, and immerse the eye into the solution, one after the other.  Repeat the process and then splash your eyes with cold mineral water.

Hair Care

If you have no time to apply shampoo on your hair, sprinkle amla power and talcum onto a hair brush. Overturn your hair over the head before brushing from your neck nape. Throw the hair and allow the magic to flow.