Royal Wedding Etiquette Rules For Your Wedding Parties

The royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave us an insight into what can happen if we apply its rules into our parties. Inspired by the pomp and modern flair that was seen in the wedding, you may want to know the reason for the royal wedding success.

Dress Code

It is important that you stick to a dress code for your party.  When you want to plan for a party, you should make plans for the type of attire you want. A major faux pas can happen when the dress code is not religiously followed or when the dress code doesn’t reflect the theme of the party.

No African Time

Promptness is an essential part of the royal wedding.  If there is something we respected about the royal family, it was their time consciousness. Everything was done with time! Even though we are Africans, we should not waste time or waste other people’s time.  Your guests should be seated on time to make sure that the party ends on time too.

Reduce The Chatty

There is always the temptation of whispering or talking during the event. Chatting a lot is a bad manner since the focus is on two people getting married.  When the wedding has ended, it is a common sense to keep the congratulations sweet and short by the couples too.  There are many people who also want to appreciate the couples. These scenes should be carried out within a short time.

Mix and mingle

Weddings are for mixing and mingling. You cannot avoid it. You have to be prepared for socialization. Many topics will come up and you need to be careful of what you speak to avoid mistakes. Try and avoid conversations that are personal or even taboo during this event.

The Sin of Smartphones

One bad habit that is common during weddings is inappropriate use of cellphones.  You should ensure that guests do not have their cellphones on. This can be done on notice boards and inside the hall. It can be an embarrassment to have a phone ring during a wedding party.

Table manners

Some of us forget about table manners when they come to weddings.  It is not a good manner to eat before your host. Things on the table should be left alone until there is a signal to eat them. Well, we are in Africa most of us can say. Even though this rule may not be effective but there are places where it is very important to observe.