Reasons Why the Furniture Business in Africa Is Blooming

Gone are those days when you are not confident of that local furniture maker in an area in Africa. With the huge demand for cosy furniture, a lot of furniture makers in Africa are creating mind-blowing furniture.  The market is always ready with the need to upgrade homes and offices.

The furniture business has been making tremendous progress in design and quality from Nigeria to Uganda and across other countries in Africa. Nevertheless, this growth is been driven by some factors and these factors are as follows;

The Real Estate Boom Effect


The level of development going on in many African cities and towns are increasing day-by-day and this development includes construction of buildings such as; schools, campuses, complexes, residential estates, hotels, guest houses etc. With the increasing number in population, the demand for all kinds of accommodation is increasing daily.  And this fact has caused a huge growth in the real estate investment.

The boom effect has rubbed off positively on the need to get furniture.  It is a common secret that when people want to move in an apartment, they want newer furniture to complement their homes or offices

This review has shown us that the higher the demand for accommodation, the higher the demand for furniture. The role of furniture in an apartment cannot be overemphasized which is the reason why the furniture business is not a bad idea to invest in. You may not be the maker, but you can be the seller of some of the amazingly built furniture.

The Rapid Growth of Cities


The rate in the demand of furniture across the globe is steadily increasing and with the level of development we are witnessing in the world right now. There is no doubt that the furniture business will witness a huge growth especially in the urban areas.


Why Urban Areas?

Currently, the rate of urban development cannot be compared with that of the rural areas. There are increasing numbers of schools, hospitals; modern accommodation, hotels etc and they are the highest users of furniture. So as the rate of new structures increases, the demand in furniture also increases.

Statistics shows that about 40% of the African population has migrated from the rural area (villages) down to the urban area (cities). It has also been predicted that about 500 million Africans will live in cities by the year 2030. Judging by the statistics stated above, there will be an increase in the demand for modern accommodation such as real estate and residential buildings as well as business offices, schools, hospitals, hotels etc.

As more people flood into cities and towns in search of greener pastures, the number of African cities with over a million populations is expected to raise from 50 to 65 by the year 2030. Africa is expected to witness a high increase in the demand for accommodation and as this tends to occur, the rate in the demand for furniture will definitely increase.

Are you still wondering how you can make money from the furniture business? If you are good at interior design, this business is for you.