Reasons Africans Are Proud To Be From Africa

There is hardly any part of the world where you may not find an African.  We love travelling and looking for adventures which is why we come to a place and change it to suit us.  We cannot be missed in crowds neither are we going to back down when it comes to standing out.

People from different parts come to us to tap from our humor, lifestyle and famous cultures.  We have compiled a list of why we are proud to be Africans.

We are Born With Resilience

In the face of challenges, we don’t allow our humor to disappear. Africans are known to rejoice even in the midst of unfavourable life condition. We know how to make things around us exciting and easy going for others.

We are Talented and Gifted

Africans have overloads of talents if there is anything like that. There is hardly any field on earth where we don’t make a difference.  We are not intimidated by technology or the fast pace changing world we are into. We come to a field and we conquer.

Happiness is our DNA

Even when we find ourselves in slums, we make the best of it by living and becoming positive that tomorrow is going to be better.  Little wonder we live until we are very old.

Entrepreneurial Lifestyle is Our Hobby

We don’t wait for opportunities to meet us. We literally walk up to life opportunities and embrace them.  We are good at entrepreneurial investments and nothing is reserved when we are ready to invest because we put our soul and body in making sure we succeed.

We are Optimistic

It is no secret that life may not be fair but as Africans, we are very optimistic that the future is beautiful.  We don’t allow our present situation to stop us from becoming better.


We Are Proud of Our Home-Africa

Except a few who travel and never want to return home, we love our root. We always want to come home and mingle with friends and family members. When we talk about Africa, we speak out without fear because there is no place like Africa.

The Spirit of Oneness

You may not be my relative as an African but when we meet in another continent, there is bond that envelopes us. We speak as one and try to protect ourselves.

We are Smart and Hardworking

We hate laziness and encourage smartness and hard work. We openly embrace those who have succeed in life and encourage others to follow their footsteps. Evil vices is never allowed and we shy away from people whose ways are not inspiring.

Finally, we know that we are not perfect and never expect perfection from others. We make mistakes and learn from them. If there is one thing you will notice when you visit Africa, it is our willingness to be rich and leave where we are for a greener pasture especially for the younger ones.  Now, you know why we love Africa.