Rainbow Teeth: A Crazy Beauty Routine For Bold Fashionista

There is hardly a season when we don’t get stunned by a crazy or weird beauty routine.  If we start listing the number of weird beauty tips that we have experienced, this piece may not contain them all. For those of us who love our teeth white, there is  new trend in town you may want to know. Have you heard of the rainbow teeth? Yeah! We mean there are the rainbow teeth that a company has made possible for us to rock.

You can now match your outfit with the colour of your teeth and nail. We don’t mean the white-white teeth and outfit.  There was a time we were crazy about pearly white teeth but the rainbow teeth has come out to change the boring colour.  Chrom is designed like a nail polish for an affordable rate. There are different hues you can play with like the Pink, Mint, Fairy Dust and Sunshine.

Imagine showing up in your office with one of your tooth matching your hair colour or nail polish. The colourful teeth can make the difference in your appearance. If you are the bold type, you can make use of two colours on your teeth to make everyone gasp when you smile.

These teeth can stand up to drinking and eating, and can last up to 24 hours. When you feel like taking off these colours on your teeth, a brush with your toothpaste does the work smoothly.  Don’t worry; the colour wouldn’t affect the teeth because it is not permanent.

Many of us may be surprised to hear that such trend exists on earth. If you want to enjoy this trend, you can look out for shops that offer this product. We hope to see you next time in your event mesmerizing everyone with that green or red tooth.