Profitable African Agritech Startups You Can Invest In

Through increased innovation and technology, there is an increasing interest amongst individuals in agriculture. This may be attributed to the fact that there are currently more startups that offer credible Agric investment platforms for investors to put their money safely in.

Using technology and artificial intelligence, these Agritech startups aid farmers manage inevitable risks and disasters such as droughts, pests, and disease outbreaks, which they are likely to incur over time and also aim at improving sustainability, efficiency, and profitability of the business.
In Africa today, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana are top countries in the Agritech market and they are successfully exploring more opportunities and possibilities in Agriculture while making a profit.
Here are some African agritech startups that are worth investing in:

Since its launch in 2016, Farmcrowdy is the most popular agritech startup in Nigeria. Thanks to the different investment options provided on the platform, Farmcrowdy allows regular people to engage in agricultural ventures ranging from potatoes, rice, fish, cattle, poultry, and cassava to other farming ventures. It is insured by Leadway Assurance.

AgriCool Finance:
Located in South Africa, this startup encourages small farm owners who may not be granted loans or access to financial aids or grants by traditional financial institutions. The firm simply links them with investors and markets. Generally, the platform of this startup is a crowdfunding platform that enables ordinary people to invest in different agricultural projects. These investments can yield about 25% of their contribution as a reward.

iProcure is a Kenyan agritech startup that successfully runs the largest supply chain platform in whole Africa. By connecting manufacturers of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, permitted plant protection products for use in organic farming and animal feed to small-scale farmers.

The Requid is a Nigerian based agritech startup which offers its investor a platform to invest their money and expect the right returns in the due date. Not only does this startup offer safety for your investment, but it also offers the freedom of liquidating which is a very flexible process of investing whereby the investors can sell their stock and get their money before maturation of the investment. In this startup, investors can buy units for as low as N5,000 and get as high as 60% cumulative return on the investments annually.

As an Agritech startup located in Ghana, the Agrocenta connects several farm owners operating with less than two hectares of land involved actively in staple food (such as rice, maize, millet, and soybean) value chain to a wider online market to trade.

6.) Twiga Foods:
Twiga Foods is a mobile-based supply chain platform in Kenya, which operates using Blockchain technology to connect vendors with farmers for food to be sourced and delivered across Kenya. This platform also permits the farmers to post their produce so that vendors can easily order to have the products delivered to them in a formal link between farmer and market.
Thrive Agric:
Thrive Agric is an agro-investment startup that allows people to support agricultural ventures by simply investing in the farms at specific seasons. The crop one is investing in is a huge determinant of the amount to be invested. In turn, the returns of investment, which range from 12% to 20% depend on the level of investment.