Popular Movie Locations in Africa

Africa has so many wonderful movie settings that have brought these locations to the limelight. From some of the fictitious locations to stunning settings, Africa has proven it can be the next Hollywood. Thanks to Nollywood that has taken the bull by the horn in its great movies. However, when it comes to bringing Hollywood to Africa, we got quite a list.

These locations have displayed the vast culture among tribes. Thanks to the release of the Lion King movie and other movies. Today, we have decided to list out a few of our favorite cinema classics that were made in Africa.

 Black Panther

Even though Wakanda is a fictional place, everything about the scenery and setting in Black Panther screams Africa. Released in 2018, this particular Marvel film will forever be a personal favorite. 

There were so many cultures represented across Africa and marvel did a beautiful job honoring these tribes through the film. The characters were adorned with beautiful and traditional accessories from African countries like the Mursi and Surma lip plates, Zulu headdresses, Ndebele neck rings, Basotho blankets and so much more.

Out of Africa

Released in 1985, Out of Africa is one classic that never gets old. The movie was set against the sumptuous backdrop of Kenya in the 1900s. The romance classic has undoubtedly captivated a large audience with its well-detailed African adventures. Starring hello Hollywood legends Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, Out of Africa tells the story of the Danish author named Karen Blixen who followed her fiance to Kenya as he established a coffee plantation.

Searching for Sugarman

Another brilliant movie set in Africa is Searching for Sugarman. The movie follows two South Africans who embark on a journey to find a man whose voice gripped the whole of South Africa and a mysterious musical marvel from their childhood.

Gorillas in the mist

This film is based on the true-life story of Dian Fossey who was a primatologist and conservationist. The story follows Dian Fossey as she travels from the midwest of America to Africa to study the gorillas living in Rwanda and Uganda and the fascinating bonds she forms with the gorillas she’s researching. As the plot of the movie unfolds, she begins to understand the fragility of the existence of these primates at the hands of prey. 


This film tells the tale of an epic showdown between South Africa and New Zealand which was fought during the period of major political change in South Africa under the very observant eyes all over the world.

The Rugby World Cup final that occurred in 1995 was played in Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg was watched around the world. This match that made history is seared acutely into the memories of many sports fans.


Which of these movies or location have you been to or are familiar with?