Popular Dishes You May Want To Try Across Africa

Now that you have made up your mind to visit Africa, we will want to tell you that you got a lot to do and see. While you are busy jumping from one location to another, talking to the locals, taking pictures and absorbing everything, a time comes when you need to fuel the body with food.

Food in Africa is very important because of the attention that is given to it. We may not know the part of Africa you are heeding to. However, whichever country you are visiting has her special cuisine. We have listed some of the popular dishes you may want to try when you come to Africa.

Ugali na Nyama Choma

In East Africa, Nyama Choma simply means roast meat.  It is the preferred celebration menu that can be eaten in some of the East African countries like Kenya and Tanzania. You will love the taste when you try it.

Pounded Yam and Egusi

Pounded yam and egusi is one of the prides of Nigerians. It is that meal you taste and request for more. The soup is so sumptuous that you can decide to lick it. It is prepared with ground melon seeds, vegetables, meat and seasonings.

Injera and Tibs

Ethiopians love Injera and Tibs, a combination of meals like chips, fish, peas and rice in any order.  Injera is like a pancake that is made from cereal teff, and be used to eat different meals made from meats.

Samp and Beans

If you are coming to South Africa, get ready to try the traditional meal of the Nguni people called Samp and Beans.  The dish is prepared from crushed corn kernels and slowly cooked sugar beans .

Sadza Nema Veggie Ane Nyama

If you are coming to Zimbabwe, you will not miss this special meal of sadza that is accompanied by a stew. Sadza is a thick corn porridge that is made from mielie, corn meal or maize meal and water.   This Zimbabwean thick corn porridge can be taken with meat or chicken stew.

Fufu and Njama Njama

Fufu and njama njama is an exotic meal from Cameroon.  The stir fry is made with fufu corn referred to as polenta. Some people can mistake it for ugali.

Jollof rice

West Africa awaits you with her coveted Jollof rice. Nigeria is one of the countries where Jollof rice is prepared to make you salivate.



Have you tasted any of these dishes? Tell us the dish we missed on the comment box.