Places You Never Knew Exist in LAGOS, Nigeria

No one comes to Lagos and ever keeps quiet about the lifestyle of the people. The capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is the opposite of Lagos in solitude and beauty. Lagos is always pulling out stunts in terms of landscapes, architectural designs and creativity.

We don’t forget the rich culture of Lagos State that attracts millions of people to it every year. With your camera, you can tour the city of Lagos and come out with pictures that would dazzle everyone that sets their eyes on your capture.

Imagine the beauty that comes out from Lagos! You may have walked past some of these locations and you never realize that these are stunning places you can enjoy your time out. One good thing about Lagos is that ‘It’s no man’s land.’

Every stranger is a family member of the city because it doesn’t discriminate.  You are given adequate opportunity to explore and make your life better.

You may have visited Lagos, but have you experience the tranquility that comes that the city exhumes, even though it is a home of hustlers?

The cultural and economic hub of Nigeria is Lagos. We should be grateful to the influx of money that comes from different avenues.  You may have been visiting Lagos but never took time to notice things which is why we want you to know that no place is ugly in Lagos.

You can change the way a street in Lagos looks like with your camera. That is what many tourists are doing, to make sure that they don’t miss out in any activity in Lagos.

The music scene, Nollywood industry and exploding arts will keep you engaged in the city, right until you are spent. There is no dull moment in staying in Lagos because every day is celebration.

What do you like about Lagos State? With the thousands of places to visit and tourist attractions that will always catch your attention in Lagos, you may never want to stay away in Lagos.

Who wants to come to Lagos? There are lots of places to visit. Get lost in the euphoria of the life that Lagos brings to you. The nightlife is classy and exciting, leaving you literally begging the night not to leave for the day to break. This is how enticing the city has been and it is not ready to change…

Tell us how you feel about Lagos State, Nigeria.