Places You Can Learn How to Code as a Professional

In 2016, there was a tech revolution that shook smart Nigerians working in the tech sector. Computer programming became a thing that everyone wanted to learn coding.

To many, it was an easy while many struggled to understand what coding was all about. While Africa was trying to settle down with the wonders of what coding coding could do, many of us have ran ahead with it. Today, we have boot camps for everyone including kids who can now code amazing stuffs. Are you wondering how to fit into this field? There are many ways you can learn to code without difficulty. These are some of the ways that many Africans have become masters of coding:

Have you heard of Andela? You can be become a master of software development with this accelerator. Within four years, you are certified. The good news is that they are to be paying you as you learn to code. You do this from home.

You don’t have to spend up to four years with Switch. You have a three month intensive training and then you are posted in a company to one year You are paid as you learn how to become a computer programmer. The requirement is simple; be smart and have a thing for computer.

Moat Academy
Moat Academy gives the unemployed an opportunity to become employed. The gap between tech and academics is thin in this institute.You have a ten week bootcamp training where you are introduced to coding. You have a seven hour work schedule everyday and about four hours at home to practice.

We have Projaro that will help you get certified if you are in Nigeria. This doesn’t mean that it is the only great place to learn. The above ones are super computer geeks. You learn to be a good computer wiz without a lot of pressure.

Today, we have hundreds of boot camp where you can learn how to code. For those who are not opportunity to make use of these boot camps or institutes, there are thousands on DIY videos on coding. You mustn’t be a physics or mathematics guru to code right. You need determination and hard work to become the best in the field. The opportunities that coding bring to the table is vast. Interestingly, computer programmers are sought after around the world. You can be in your home and work with some of the biggest companies in the world.

The moment to take that bold step is now. You can become a programmer within some weeks if you can learn from sites like YouTube. The sites we listed are not the only great places to learn from. There are more places you will enjoy like the trainings these ones we listed give.