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Places Where You Can Find Top World Heritage Sites in Africa

There is an aspect of Africa that can’t be taken away from Africa no matter how advanced we can be.  The natural heritage is one of those things that cannot divide us, and some of the places where these natural heritages are located have become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Interestingly, the Okavango Delta was recently named the 1000th UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These are some of the heritage sites that Africa is proud to be associated with:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park-UGANDA

The natural park is an isolated forest in East Africa housing over 100 species of ferns and 160 species of trees. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park got its name because of its dense cover of shrubs, vines and herbs, alongside slippery valleys and steep ridges. The park houses more than half of the Mountain Gorilla population in the world.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park-SOUTH AFRICA

The site was South Africa’s first listed World Heritage Site that boasts eight interlinking ecosystems, three main lake systems and beaches to cover.

Old Towns of Djenné-MALI

Mali doesn’t try to hide its Old Towns that have been inhabited as early as 250 B.C. There are four towns in the part of Mali, built out of river mud. The trans-Sahara gold had its major link with the market centre in Djenne. This was during the 15th centuries. Visitors are thrilled to see the largest mud-built structures that the world can boast of.

Rainforest of Atsinanana-MADAGASCAR

Madagascar, the land where tourism has perfectly blended with adventure has become a haven for tourists. Its rainforest of Atsinanana has a great level of biodiversity that houses millions of species.  If you are thinking of seeing the Lemur, this is the only breeding of the Lemurs in the world.

Great Zimbabwe National Monument-ZIMBABWE


Zimbabwe has some surprises for tourists! There is the Great Zimbabwe National Monument that you may want to explore. There are lots of things to catch your attention. The ancient stone city is there for you to see what the lost civilization of the Shona was like.  Legend had it that Queen of Sheba used this city as her capital.

There are other amazing World Heritage Sites littered around the continent and we must tell you confess that they are stunning as well. When next you are in Africa, there are heritages sites that will tell you stories the internet may never reveal to you. Just come along with a good camera and capture the heritage of Africa.