Perfect Ways To Gain Thousands of Business Instagram Followers

Gone are the days  when Facebook and Linkedin had the monopoly of keeping businesses online floating. Today, Instagram has become the love of a lot of business men and women including celebrities who are looking for followers online. The picture mobile application may be a hidden key to having a success on the social media but it is getting a lot of business out of the mire clay of stagnancy into the light of fame over the years.

If you are thinking of gaining a lot of followers as a business person in Nigeria, you may have to create an Instagram page and start posting your business pictures.  The following are tips of growing your business with thousands or even millions of followers online with Instagram.

Stick to What You Love Best

You should only post pictures that are relevant to what you are doing. If your business is on furniture, make sure that it is only interior design pictures that you are posting. You can do better as a business person on Instagram if you can stick to what you are into.

Post High Quality Pictures Nonstop

There is no beating about the bush when it comes to picture posting. You must always post high quality videos and pictures if you are to be taken serious on Instagram. You must not stop posting pictures, that is the secret of getting a lot of viewers and followers on your business page. You should have a minimum of 1080 x 1080 pixels for your pictures.

Give Titles That Are Captivating

If you cannot give your pictures the right title, it may not go far. You have to be consistent with the type of message you caption your pictures. Whatever you are doing with your titles and posting, make sure that you do it always.

Make Use  of the right emojis.

No matter how you dislike emojis, you should start making use of them and use them correctly. They function as a substitute to some words but do not overdo them. Emojis evoke reactions and also describe the emotion of your content.

Make Use of  hashtags.

The use of hashtags have become very important in passing information online. With hashtags, your business pictures can go viral. You should be strategic when it comes to hashtags and it should not exceed five hashtags when making use of them. One important thing you should know is that do not use hashtags that have already gotten viral or you would be lost in that message.



Engagement with users

You may create your Instagram account and have a lot of videos and pictures, but it is not enough. What you need to is to make sure that you have an engagement with your users or followers. Engagement would help your users or followers leave comments on your wall.

Pay influencers

This is one smart way of getting your business out to the world on Instagram. These influencers may be celebrities who have a lot of followers on their accounts.  You can pay those with bigger accounts so that they can promote your business online.