Perfect Way to Mask Fine Lines and Wrinkles|Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Ideas

The secret of blending a concealer to make it natural and even when you have finished your makeup is a craft.

The reappearance of wrinkles and fine lines that you covered initially can be frustrating, which is the reason why you may need to learn from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist of 10 years, Mario Dedivanovic.

The Mistakes

The first mistake many people make is getting the wrong shade of concealer. For those who end up with light concealer, they may draw attention to their wrinkles and fine lines because of how chalky or gray they look.

There are many hydrating formula concealer with buildable to full coverage. You have to make a little research to know the right concealer that will not get chalky or cakey when use.  Stay away from dry concealers. According to Dedivanovic, this type of concealer may not be flexible or blendable, butt can stick on you. A weightless concealer can be a better if you want a concealer with moisture and coverage.

What to Do

You should begin with a small amount of concealer when you are covering wrinkles and fine lines, so that it will not be much or heavy. Ensure that you apply your concealer in thin layers to make them blend perfectly well.

Concealer Before or After Foundation

You can apply the concealer after your foundation and ensure that the two blend seamlessly. With a fluffy brush, you can make sure that this happen when you use translucent powder.

The Eyes

You should be aware that the eyes are more sensitive and delicate than the other parts of the face.  You should approach the eyes gently with the concealer.  You can begin by applying an eye cream or emollient moisturizer and then blend perfectly with a concealer.

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