Ostrich Riding – An Exotic Experience That Brings People to Oudtshoorn, South Africa

Ostriches are amazing creatures that are seen in few places on earth. In South Africa, there is ostrich boom that has given birth to a sport,  ostrich riding.

Many ostrich farms are in a place called Oudsthoorn, where those who want to dare riding on these giant birds can have the experience.   From Cape Town, the beautiful town of Oudshoorn is about a five hour drive.

This is an developed ostrich county of the world.  When you come here, you would learn more about the 1865 and 1900 ostrich boom that happened here.   A tour of this place include riding on ostriches. Riding on ostrich is one experience you would love.

Ostrich riding is known to be precarious.  The process is something that is extraordinary. You can place bet on your ostrich in your race. There are many things you can do while waiting for your turn to ride an ostrich. You can stand on the eggs of the bird. Interestingly, it would not break under you. With the many weird sports in Africa, riding an ostrich is one sport that would give rise your adrenaline level. There is no fear of being trampled by the birds because you would be taught on how to ride in safety.