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Nollywood Movies That Would Make You want to TRAVEL

Nollywood movies have touched all parts of our lives. There are movies which have gone as far as motivating people to start proposing for a travel abroad especially to those places the films were shot.

30 days in Atlanta

Most of the people that have come across this movie would probably be ‘I’m agreement with it ‘being listed as one of such films explained above. AY Makun popularly known as AY shot this movie both in the United States and in Lagos. 30 Days In Atlanta  is a romantic comedy which has successfully charmed viewers and made them consider taking vacations at the places where this film was shot.

The Mirror Boy

This movie revolves round the life of the 12 year old son of Genevieve Nnaji. You would not blink an eye while watching how the youngster tried to be accepted in London. After taking a look at this film, you would immediately start planning you vacation either in Gambia or London at the exact spots the film was shot. Unexplored sites at Gambia would motivate you and make you more curious and desperate to spend your vacation in Gambia.

Baby Oku in America

Only the title would already spread a smile across your face. The presence of a Nigerian,Mercy Johnson, who is admired by many made America seem more homely than it actually is, watering the mouths of onlookers and stirring up in them  the urge to travel to America. While shooting the movie, the active camera man cleverly caught the beautiful streets of America with his quality camera making one wish to spend a vacation in America.


The name Iyore sounds simple but the movie tells an ominous tale. This time around, the movie is not taking you out of the country but it exposed the ancient places you have not seen in Benin City. Iyore is a tragic love story that may not make you laugh but sober you up. The setting and story obviously was made to lure Nigerians who are not in the country come back home and those who are in Nigeria but are not ready to travel out of the country for a vacation  to visit the wonderful places the 3 sacred virgins took us to in the movie. Actress Rita Dominic starred in the movie as Osarugwe and this movie as it stole the hearts of many won the honour to be nominated as the ten 2014 Golden Icons Academy.

Adambano in London

Who did not hear of this comedy filled movie that had a lot to teach to youngsters in search of wealth. Adambano, Oueen Nwokoye, was a tool used to display the beauty of London. She led us to many places that would hunt your dreams, water your mouth and make you long for a London for a vacation.

These are some of the Nollywood movies that would possible create the urge in you to take a vacation.