Nigerian Weekend Getaway Trip Ideas For Anyone

When you have off time after a long stressful work day for a long weekend break, a lot of crazy ideas may cloud your imagination on what to do with your weekend.  Nigeria is one of the few places in Africa that has many laid-back atmospheres filled with adventures and activities for your weekend getaway. You may not have fully savored the best of the Nigerian culinary treats, fill the freshness of the cool breeze from the sea or appreciate the local lifestyle of the people if you have not embraced your adventurous nature.

Get Pampered at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

A weekend filled with lustful pleasure at the resort’s spa may be the first thing you will indulge in when you visit the luxury La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. An overload of entertainment, pure relaxation and partying is offered to you at this resort. Time seems to stop for you to try hunting, canoeing, swimming, and hiking in the resort.

Get Lost at The Whispering Palms Resort

Badagry is a magical tourist haven in Nigeria, with many historic stories that will amaze you. The Whispering Palms Resort is a paradise that defiles human description, a place where couples and families find solace from the city life of Lagos and experience pure relaxation mixed with opulence.

Relax at MicCom Golf Resort

When the day is closing with a sunset, you wish that there was still time to enjoy the packages that MicCom Golf Resort offers, and still smile that another set of activities await you in the night.  The golf game attracts the big shots from different parts of the country while the meals served is deserving for a king.

Explore the Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

The Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort will make your weekend getaway dream come true with many engagements.  The landscape is enchanting, and the spring is something that will blow your imagination.  Families, couples, and even individuals may not want to leave when the weekend is over.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Mother Nature may have played a trick on the climatic condition in Obudu, but man went the extra miles to create a luxurious resort that has a laid-back ambiance and stunning beauty. The mere thought of visiting Obudu Mountain Resort can take away your sleep with excitement. There is no home like Obudu Mountain Resort on a weekend getaway.

Relax at Tinapa Business & Leisure Resort

Every good thing happens when you come to Tinapa Business & Leisure Resort, located in the beautiful city of Calabar.  The mesmerizing amenities in Tinapu and activities can keep you glued to the resort until the early hours of Monday.

Picnic at Ngwo Pine Forest

Ngwo Pine Forest is a pride in the jungle. Thinking of replicating romantic movie scenes, there is no better place for acting a little wild than here. There is a cave for you to explore and the terrain is not something that you can conquer easily. A drive to Ngwo village in Enugu State will leave you breathless.

Dare Yourself at Kamuku National Park

Maybe, you are thinking of a little daring; the Kamuku National Park is fully armed to its teeth with a vast typical savannah woodland, wildlife and birds activities. Feel your adrenaline pump with your friends as you explore wet and dry grounds.

Get Surprises at the Tarkwa Bay

You can visit the Tarkwa Bay by taking a boat ride or a ride.  The bay is along the Lagos harbor, that is peaceful and calm. It will erase your memory of the hustling and bustling Lagos scene, and repaint it with lovely pictures of nature and beauty.

Spend the Weekend at Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Thinking of solace or private time with your partner or family, you can spend your weekend at Zenababs Half Moon Resort. The resort is nestled in a natural environment with panoramic views of the surroundings,  this exotic resort will complete your bucket weekend getaway list.