New Businesses You Can Learn After the Pandemic available to Africans

Every pandemic in the world has an expiration date. Well, the fatal nature of most pandemics usually do. The covid-19 pandemic will be put to rest when the world gets a cure or vaccine for it. However, while we await the end of this deadly virus, you may want to learn some new businesses. Africa should not be left out in leveraging some of these ideas.

At the end of this pandemic, some people will make money from some amazing businesses that got refined during the lockdown.  Here are some businesses to learn:

Online Entertainment

During the lockdown, we found out that we could have parties online. If you are an entertainer, how do you take advantage of this niche?  Online streaming and cloud raves of concerts got traction in Africa. Artists have made musical concerts via social media platofrms which offer a live feature such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Many movies were released online and many heritage sites ,including museums, offered virtual tours.

Even online gaming wasn’t left out since the outbreak of covid-19.  Did you have an idea about entertainment online? This may be the time to perfect it. You can take your dance instructions online and a lot more.

3D Printing

While we have read a lot about 3D printing,  the usefulness of this technology became more prominent during the lockdown. As culled from Wikipedia, is the construction of a three-dimensional object from a CAD model or a digital 3D model. What’s it that you cannot do without this printer?  The printer is flexible in its production and can offer a lot of productions.

You can learn how to use the 3D printer for your printing jobs.  Africa needs more creativity with this printer.

Robotics and Drones

The agricultural sector has enjoyed the benefits of robotics and drones over the years. Drones have helped many African farmers with a lot of production tasks.  The covid-19 has pushed the need for robotics and drones to many sectors of our economy.

You can learn how to be a drone or robotic operator in any sector of your country’s economy. There is no end to where this technology wouldn’t work. From logistics to manufacturing, retail to agriculture, and lots more have need for robotics and drones.

5G and Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Did we say 5G?  Everything aforementioned depends strongly on high speed, stable, and affordable internet. While we may have seen, controversies raise over the 5G technology, learning about it or becoming an expert on it can be a boost.

All over the world, people are searching for better ways to improve their internet facilities. Africa isn’t left behind in its quest.  While we have started making use of the 4G technology, only a few of us have the privilege of using it.

You don’t have to go back to the university to learn about this technologies. There are numerous short courses which can be found on platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, EdX that will teach you more about this technologies. Don’t forget that information and communication technology is the future.

How much do you know about information and communication technology? Become an expert in this niche and make yourself a stable livelihood.

These aforementioned technologies will become the next thing happening in our business world here in Africa.  Though, we are the late bloomers when it comes to technology, the early users of these technologies have more to gain. If you are an expert in any of them, you have more to gain too.