Must Watch African Movies That Talk About Africa

One of the continents that is endowed richly in human resources and heritage on earth is Africa.  The cinema has been smart not to miss the stories that come out from Africa. Some of these stories have become blockbuster movies that have sold like whirl fire. From Nigeria’s famous Nollywood to Ghana’s  Ghollywood, South Africa to Senegal, there have been great movies you may want to watch. We know that you may have watched some of these movies, however, it is not everyone who has watched these timeless movies that we have listed for you to see. Here we go:

The Gods Must Be Crazy | South Africa

Once upon a time, this 80’s movie was smashing. Everyone who watched the Gods Must be Crazy cannot stop laughing because it is funny and original.  The story of these comedians will make you laugh and cry at the same time.  Who are really thee gods in Africa who are crazy? A peek at the above clip will give you an idea.

Hotel Rwanda

The heart wrenching story tells us what happened to people in Rwanda. It was a genocide that has become a dent in the history of that country. Over one million people died while the world looked away. The movie didn’t spare anything in telling us what the government of that day refused to show us.


District 9

South Africa suddenly became futuristic and occupied by aliens. You just wouldn’t believe that Africa could be transformed to such a stage. District 9 was shot in 2009 and has remained one of the finest movies that has been produced in the continent.



In 1972, Angola became the stage for this  movie. It was set in 1961 to portray the War of Independence for the Angolan people. It was based on a novella written by José Luandino Vieira. You need to be handed over a handkerchief while watching this movie.




In a slum in South Africa, comes Tsotsi that talks about a street guy who stole a car only to discover that he was carrying a child too. You will love this movie that went on to portray the sufferings of those in Africa and what it means to be socially isolated.


Come Back, Africa

The last on our list is this movie that was shot in South Africa in 1959. You can imagine the way filmmaker Lionel Rogosin walked endlessly in the face of being deported created this movie. Africa can be harsh when it comes to the past which is the reason some of these movies have become blockbusters.


Today,  countries like Nigeria is coming out with stunning movies that would keep you glued to your seat until some historic movies end.  There is hardly a part of Africa where you will not see historic and amazing movies come out from.

Which of these movies do you love most? Did we miss your favourite Africa movie? You can join the list by commenting below.