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Movies That Will Inspire You to Become a Better Entrepreneur

The reason why we want to become entrepreneurs varies from individual to individual.

Some of us have genius ideas that can transform the world. However, there are people who are motivated by desire to be free from 9-5 jobs or revenge. Regardless of our motive to own our business, the process is similar.  We  end up learning some characters in us that we have never seen before during entrepreneurship. Most of us aspire to become the next Steve Jobs of Our cities. We have listed some of the finest movies that can inspire you.

If you are aspiring to be a media mogul, this movie is for you. Most people setting up businesses often don’t know how to document their day to day activities. This movie will help you plan your evolution in business. Not forgetting that you will the pain, disappointment,regret and challenges that this media company faced.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Steve Jobs came alive in this movie. It is a tech movie that detailed the struggles of Jobs and also micro founder, Bill Gates. The movie is fierce and the competition was rare. Sometimes, we are caught in the web of ideology or technical aspects in our businesses. The movie will help you now great moves and learn from these two men. For those of us who are wondering how the tech world operates, get this movie and watch.

The Pursuit Of Happyness
While these movies may be Hollywood oriented, they still teach us the basic things we need to know about starting a business. In this movie, Will Smith showed how we can turn around the worse for the best. Sometimes, we may not have the whole plans sorter out. Sometimes, we are depressed and want to quit. This movie may be talking to you if you are at the cross road.

The Aviator
You mustn’t be a pilot or work in the aviation industry to learn from this movie.Obsessive tendencies can be used wisely if you know how to go about some tough life decisions. Wondering how to make your pet project a successful one, the character played for Howard Hughes could save you.

The Godfather
Did we say the Godfather? Yes! Many may think the movie is odd in our selection but when you take a careful look at the storyline, you will see a pattern. A family business needed to grow admist the challenges of the day. Money and power was in full display. These two virtues are always playing out in businesses. Why don’t you learn from this family?

The movie industry has done Noble in churning out amazing entrepreneur movies over the years. You can watch h some of these movies on the go without distracting yourself. We hope you find some business lessons from some of these movies