Most Charming Swimming Spots You Can EVER Be in Africa

Messing around in the water can be fun! Most of us did it during childhood. For a typical African, you can be sure that no water will be able to conquer you.  Some of us have fond memories of how we play in the waters.

The advent of technology has made traveling around Africa very easy. You can come to Africa and swim around in some of the best hotels in Africa, where you have the opportunity of having fun. However, when it comes to swimming, there are charming spots you need to visit before leaving Africa.

We have gathered some of the charming swimming spots for you to choose your favorites swimming pool,

Devil’s Pool, Zambezi River- Zambia      


One of the places tourists will always want to see in Zambia is the Devil’s Pool in Zambia. Thrill seekers get excited around the river and it may stun you to see people relaxing on the edge of Victoria Falls.  The Devil’s Pool experience is something you may never forget.

Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park-Zimbabwe

The presence of elephants drinking around you is fascinating. Don’t worry about the elephants when you are ready to swim. There is a guest pool that has been designed to push the elephants away from you.  Take a cool dip and forget yourself in this calm water.

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi may not look like a lake but it is one swimming spot that would steal your imagination. The coloured shoaling fish, sandy shores and beachfront resorts makes this place an enchanting swimming spot in Africa. When you emerge from the water after a refreshing and soothing swim, you would  realize why tourists are crazy about Lake Malawi

 Benguerra Island Lodge- Mozambique

Come over to Mozambique and enjoy the Benguerra Island. Tourists jumping off at the waters highest point is mesmerizing and it is only those who love fear that can jump as much as they want into the sea.

Boulders Beach-South Africa

A sheltered beach is what Boulders Beach in South Africa is all about. Have you seen penguins? Do you want to play with penguins? Come over to Boulders Beach, South Africa and meet the famous residents, penguins.

However, you just don’t meet the penguins! You must be brave to swim close to where these penguins are, but they can be seen from a boardwalk.