Mesmerizing Traditional Dances You Will See in Africa

Africa is never complete without her cultural display. Cultural dance is a vital aspect of the African community. It cannot be pushed aside no matter the way we have seen modern life.  Every tribe in Africa has its own unique way of dancing and can be seen in full display during occasions and festivals.

These dances can be ritual because of the time put in practicing and perfecting it. You cannot help but be awed when you watch the dance steps and the way the bodies move. These great dances can only be made in Africa. Here are some of the amazing dances that you may come across in Africa.



Indlamu is a popular Zulu dance in South Africa.  It is associated with the Zulu warriors who are dressed in ceremonial belts, traditional head pieces, shields and their spears.



The Ghana people have the Kpanlogo which is experienced around the country.  It all began from the country’s highlife dance.



The Malinke people in Guinea have this unique dance that is carried out by women who must have suffered challenges.  The women are seen wearing clothes that are old and worn out, and they are accompanied by singers. The woman has to move around the village in circles for a long time as she dances and sings with the other villagers.


The traditional Ethiopian dance, Eskista is a popular dance for the men and women. It is a very complex dance that involves some parts of the body to move because it is very technical.


You can never see Atilogwu dancers from the Eastern Nigeria and not marvel. This type of dance is called ‘Acrobatic Dance.’ There is jumping, turning, leaping and other intricate footwork that from the dancers who are exceptionally amazing.


The Kenyans have Aduma traditional dance that is performed during the coming of age of warriors-Eunoto. This type of dance involves jumping and raising the pitch of voices according to how the dancer jumps.


Pat Pat

In Senegal, Pat Pat dance has become very popular. It is the Jola people that practice the dance. The dance involves the leg movements which is done very swift and the rhythmically patting the body .

San Dancing

One of the oldest tribes in the continent, the San tribe makes use of this dance. There is singing, fast movements, and the complexities of rhythm are something that will make you want to watch the dance.



The Ewegh dance is performed by the Tuarge Tribe of Niger. You will definitely love this dance that is associated with the nomadic people.  It is a strong dance that is performed by the men and it is done in groups.

You will love Africa the more when you come around to witness the dances that these tribes perform. The beautiful thing about Africa is that there is no where you go to in Africa that you will not experience a unique dance step. This is why Africa cannot do without her traditional dances.