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Meet the Greatest Music Legends Who Are Africans

You may be surprised that Africa habours some of the biggest musicians in the world.  Many of these musicians were pioneers of music genres that are made in Africa.  The authentic sound that come from these men and women can only be envied by other musicians from around the world. Over the years, the music collections of these musicians have never ceased to inspire people. We have a list that has explored the legends Africa has ever produced in the music industry.

Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti  is famous for his high octane musical performances.  Kuti is argued to the African greatest musician to have lived. He was a political activist, instrumentalist, composer, musician and pioneer of the Afrobeat. He sang in a tone that was electrifying and inspiring in Pidgin English.

Miriam Mkeba

Mama Africa, aka Miriam Makeba has been called a true legend who used music in fighting for the rights of her people. She was known for her stage performances and signature sound. She won a Grammy and lived her life to make South Africa music more powerful.


Ali Farka Toure


Ali Farka Toure is a Malian guitarist and singer, who fused the Malian local music with African American jazz. He is a multilingual singer who made the languages in Mali popular with his music.

Yousssou N dour

Youssou N dour  is a Senegalese singer  and also a percussionist. He got this flair in his music that changed the music industry in the country, blending hip hop, Mbalex, Cuban and elements of pop.

Brenda Faisse

Brenda Faissie was that voice that never stopped ringing sweetly in your ears after listening to her music. She was called the Queen of African Pop . The songs of Faissie were powerfully written to pass a message to the South African oppressors and also to tell lovers that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

King Sunny Ade


King Sunny Ade is still making waves after decades in the Nigeria music industry. He has toured around the world and he was the first person who made use of the pedal steel guitar in his country.  He sings juju music and has never stopped winning the hearts of his fans.

 Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube was known for his rejuvenation of the African reggae music.  The music of Dube was so powerful that it didn’t stop giving hope to the people of South Africa. He was legendary and tour the world.


Ladysmith Black Mambazo

The group is from South Africa, an award Grammy winning group that have sand for the liberation of the country during the apartheid. They became famous after they sang with Paul Simon on his album, Graceland.

Angelique Kidjo


She is an activist and Grammy Award winner from Benin. She is influential and supports the cause of women. She is diverse and creative when it comes to creating great music.

E.T Mensah

Emmanuel Tettey Mensah, who is mostly referred to E.T Mensah came from Ghana and called the “King of Highlife” music. He has played for the President of Ghana and tour the world to display his dexterity.