Meet the Five African Entrepreneurs Who Have Changed the Business Landscape

In our fast-paced business world, we have many Africans who have changed the status quo with their innovations and strategies.  From fashion to hi-tech, to rebranding, we have seen startups that is supercharging the African commerce. Here is the list of the five entrepreneurs who have made a huge difference in their businesses.

  1. Adaora Mgbelu-Dania

She is the person who invented A2 Creativity, a successful distinguished management firm. Her   performance and support has made Guinness latest product to make its second highest sales in Nigeria.  She confirmed that she is challenged by exploits people make but that there is a distinctive difference  between  inspiration and personnel foundation, which she made known concisely. Her   formula   are as   follows  : success,  affection, patient and pardon.



  1. Nkechi Harry Ngonadi

Ngonadi is a Nigerian  who believed in the saying that one can transfer his/her love and affection  into a surplus profitable commercial enterprise. She is the owner of NHN Couture. Her designs has been displayed on eminent platforms. The attires are worn today by well known and recognized personnel’s around the world.  She said that her best recommendation is steadfast adherence to strict morals and this makes people to rely on you, as a result of this she has over 100,000 followers on a particular social media.

  1. Alan Knott-Craig Jr

Alan Knott- Craig Jris is from  Southern Africa. He is an accountant by profession. He has played a vital role in his country by transforming their telecommunication business in Southern Africa from the  year 2013.The greatest exploit he has recorded of recent, was the establishment of the biggest free general WiFi network in his country, he had accomplished a spectacular goal, in a particular locality which made courageous. He geared his million dollar achievement in early marriage since he had no other option.


  1. Jean Bosco Nzeyimana

Nzeyimana is from Rwanda. He has found himself  in a meeting where world class   investors like CEO Face book and Barack Obama were in attendance. He is the Owner of  Habon, which is a clean recycling firm. Jean had accomplished some project which others have not even thought of in life. In his own thought, it had more value than an enterprise or firm. Through recycling useless and unwanted materials in his locality to fuel, a better option than charcoal. He gave employment and a healthy surrounding to people in his country since the trend hazardous substances are eradicated from the environs.


  1. Madey Adeboye

Adebayo, who is a Nigerian and a lawyer by profession believes is locating a need and meeting the need. This  was why she  initiated Green Grill House, a world class eatery in Lagos, Nigeria that also involve in outdoor functions. In the process of rebranding  her eating  pattern, she made discoveries which propelled her to serve others better. It took her two years to bring out her best in catering services with conducive environment, which  enabled her to run her own eatery in her home. This has made her known and needed within the walls of  Africa.