Meet the Biggest Players in Africa’s Fast-Growing e-Commerce Market

Business took another dimension when internet was introduced in Africa. The emergence of electronic commercial gave some Africans the right tool to use and meet their targeted audience with ease.  Countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya didn’t waste time to take advantage of the revolution that has transformed the whole world marketing and business.

This evolution bought in smartphones to everyone and the e-commerce websites became forces to reckon with in Africa. Today, billions of dollars are spend online by consumers round the world and Africans are using the endless opportunities to bring markets at the doorsteps of everyone who has a smartphone.

We have listed some of the top e-commerce platforms you can shop with in Africa.


Jumia has a mission statement and ethos that is geared towards bringing entrepreneurs and consumers together.  The site has become a trail blazer where large, medium and small businesses embrace their potential markets.  The business of middle men was eliminated which is one advantage that the consumers and entrepreneurs are enjoying.

Jumai was launched in Nigeria in 2012, before spreading to over 23 countries and a strong sellers base of over a million businesses.  The platform has been able to establish a stellar reputation as a hub for products and services.


South Africa is familiar with Takealot, an online retailer for consumers that has made shopping simplified and convenient. The platform has been operating for over a decade since its establishment in 2002.  The variety of products and broad catalogue has made it one of the best in the country. Entertainment shopping has become easier for those who want to buy TVs, computers, mobile phones, games and books.

One of the successes of Takealot is that it is able to give customers options of browsing through the latest products and making their purchases.  Takealot was able to make an investment of $69 million with one of the biggest digital firms in Africa, Naspers in 2017.


Kilimail is the largest online shopping mall in Kenya. It may be new in the business but it has been able to establish an intercontinental footprint since 2014, after its launch. The platform can be accessed by countries like Uganda and Nigeria, pushing its retail customer base to a staggering figure. Kilimail provide a wide range of products ranging from gadgets to beauty products.


Konga started in 2012 in Nigeria, starting with beauty care and baby products. Today, the platform has move on to every type of product you can ever think and has been called Africa’s Amazon. In 2015, it introduced KongaPay, a convenient and safe online method that is trusted with online payment. It created  the first integration with banks and has the support of Naspers, which has a 50% stake of  the platform.


Bidorbuy is one of Africa’s oldest online platforms, established in 1999. The site has an interesting feature; the consumer can buy and also haggle prices for products.  Antiques and collectables can be sold in the platform where the buyers can bid as online auction.  Second hand products are also sold for those who may not be able to buy new products.