Meals Foreigners May Find Funny in Nigeria

No visitor ever come to Nigeria and never talks about the sumptuous meals that were served to them.  Nigeria proudly has some of the healthiest and delicious meals on earth. If you doubt this, ask Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Quest, these men came and testified that Nigerian meals were awesome. No one wants to visit without trying to be greedy in tasting all the meals that are served, However, there are meals that foreigners may find funny when they visit,


Don’t get it twisted; Adalu is simply corn and beans cooked together and garnished with local spices and seasoning. The meal is rich in carbohydrates and protein. You may find the combination funny if you are not a Nigerian.

Tuwo Shinkafa

All the way from the northern Nigeria comes Tuwo Shinkafa. What is that? It is simply a spicy sauce and soft rice.  The Hausas love this meal and even they travel out of the country, they long to have a taste of it so  much.


The eastern have what that called ‘African Salad’ and popularly called Abacha.  This sumptuous meal can be taken as snack or meal.

Amala and Ewedu

The westerns are totally in love with Amala and Ewedu! No weekend party in places like Lagos or Ibadan  is  ever complete without Amala and Ewedu.


Kilishi is not a meal but a dried spicy meat that has a unique aroma and taste. It is wrapped in old newspapers and can bought in some hot spots around the country. Thanks to the Hausas who have made meat one of the most sought after in the evenings.