Making A Lucrative Business Out Of African Shoe Brands

Over the years, we have witnessed the dominance of the European and US design labels in the shoe industry. These shoe companies have continually won the hearts of many with their masterpiece designs. The reverse seems to be the case now as Africa has taken the pace in the world of footwear with their trendy and astonishing designs, which have come into play through the new generation. With the African shoes companies’ exceptional creativity and quality, they have been able to win fans across the globe and have taken people’s eyes off the European and American designs.

Are you looking for a business to invest in Africa? The shoe business has become one of the most lucrative and acceptable businesses in the continent.  There are cities like Aba, Abia State in Nigeria that has made a name for its self because of the shoe industry in the state.  There is hardly a part of Nigeria and neighboring countries that the ‘Made in Aba’ shoes are not seen. It can only take a good shoe lover to differentiate between an Italian shoe and an ‘Aba Shoe.’

Let’s have a review on how the African designs got this far.

The trend of the African design didn’t just pop up from nowhere.  It came through the active efforts of African women entrepreneurs who shared the same vision of making the African design a unique and high brand.

Creative African shoe designers in the shoe industry are gradually increasing in their numbers and are getting global recognition through their world-class brands. Their creativity has brought about the invasion of the African brand in the footwear world.

We believe that there’s going to be a great increase in the numbers of African entrepreneurs whose goal is driven at putting up world-class brands. Not just world-renowned brands but the quality and competitive brands.

The spirit of creativity is one thing that keeps burning in the African women. They are so creative and talented, and this gives them an edge over others. They can produce classic and quality brands that will serve the sole purpose of their customers.

The conquering and success story that’s behind the shoe brands has grasped the hearts of the buying audience especially across Europe and North America.

Take for instance the story of Bethlehem TilahunElemu.  Tilahun is one of the few African women entrepreneurs who has been a source of encouragement to others. She hails from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and successfully owns one of the fastest rising African footwear brands.

Her community, Zenabwork serves as the location of her company, Sole Rebels. The product is said to be the only certified fair-trade footwear company in the world. She’s a source of inspiration as her brand has brought hope to her countrymen as well as others.  Tilahun can today boast of producing 70,000 pairs of quality shoes every year which is exported to over 45 countries.

You are sure of making good money from the shoe industry if you have a concept and good plan.