Makeup Secrets Professionals Wouldn’t Teach You For Free

Have you wondered why many professionals are reluctant when it comes to teaching us everything they know? Some of the tricks they use can use you a lot of money if you push some of them to put you through tutorials. We can tell you that we have some of these secrets and they are free. Here are some of the makeup secrets you will love to learn:

Matching Lip Colour with Your Cheeks

A perfectly matched lip colour with the cheeks brings out a coordinated, natural and lovely look. You can get this appearance without a dual purpose makeup product. With your lip crayon, turn it into creamy blush and apply to the back of the hand. Then, use the finger in blending it across the cheeks.

DIY Gel Eyeliner
For those of us who are on the go, trying to scratch time because of our engagements, running to a shop can be challenging. However, with your kohl eye pencil with a lighter, you can get your gel eyeliner. The pencil should be placed under the flame for some seconds. Allow to cool. The pencil consistency will become softer for you to apply and glide onto the eyes.

The Smokey Eye
It’s no secret that smokey eye appearances demand several shades of eye shadow and also blending. It takes time. We have the faster and easier way of getting this appearance. Make use of an eye pencil and create a slanted hastag just above the outer parts of the eyes. Blend it with a smudger. This will create that smokey eye with all the light and dark shades in the perfect spots.

Making Lipsticks Last Longer

Lipsticks are notorious for ending in unexpected places like a spouse’ cheek or even a wineglass, and still disappear from your lips. Whenever you discover that your lipsticks are disappearing when you need them most, try this trick. When you swipe of the lips, put a tissue over the lips and then apply translucent power. The powder sets the colour and keeps the lipsticks from disappearing from your lips.

Fake Your Cheekbones

Since many of us don’t have hot cheekbones, we can fake it. Yeah! You wouldn’t know except we tell you. You can achieve this by puckering until you locate the cheeks hollows. Apply a contour powder or deep nude blush in the sunken area under the cheekbones. Then, apply your peachy blush beginning from your apples of the cheeks and move outwards. While doing this, you are lightly blending with the nude blush beneath. The last thing you will do is to sweep the shimmer along your cheekbones’ top and then under the temples