How to Make Business Out of African Bad Roads With Technological Solution

Bad roads are synonymous with Africa. These roads pose significant barriers towards successful development in the continent. The continent records an average of  85% unusable roads during the rainy season. It has been predicted that it will take many more years before Africa can boost of a good road infrastructure.

The bad road conditions in Africa have made it difficult to transport goods across the continent. Most goods which turn out to be a necessity end up taking a huge amount of time before it arrives a destination. Sometimes, the perishable goods are no longer needed it on its arrival.

The Solution

With the introduction of  good roads in all the countries in Africa, transportation and logistics problem will  end up solved. However, we are far from this and if you are a smart investor you can take advantage of this disadvantage in making business. What do we mean?

Africa needs more than just the modern paved roads in other to conquer the transportation and logistics issues facing it at the moment. Looking out for solutions to this problem, we  may  tend to search  a possible means of using today’s advanced technology to tackle the alarming situation of these  roads.

The Smart Road Business Investor

In a review of possible solutions, Andreas Raptopoulos shared an idea of building the flying things over the bad roads. He proposed using  drones to carry essential goods to inaccessible areas. This means using an electric, autonomous, aerial vehicle which can transfer up to 2 kilograms of payload across a distance of 10 kilometres within 15 minutes. The suggested solution will create a very nice and automated logistics network. This solution will also bring about fast and easy transportation of goods.

Furthermore, he is on a quest to find out with ‘Matternet’ a project that will see swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles make emergency deliveries even across remote areas.

The Wealth

At the conclusion of the project, we tend to see possible solutions to the transportation and logistics problems facing the continent. For example, we will witness a scenery where autonomous quadricopters would be able to transport goods across inaccessible areas causing an effective and timely distribution of goods.

The innovation Andreas talks about comprises of landing stations, flying vehicles and routing software that will be able to complete effective deliveries without distance being a barrier and at affordable prices.

If Andrea’s project comes to reality, it will bring to an end the troubles encountered during transportation, thereby causing a flexible transport system in the African continent. All we hope is to the success of this project.

Andrea is not the only one who can reap from this lucrative business. If you can think out of the box to create a transportation system that will conquer some of the bad roads in Africa, you are on your to the bank smiling. No matter the type of business we are trying to create in Africa, the road has always been an issue. If you can take care of your transportation, you can easily make profit.