Lucrative Business Opportunities in African Mobile Technology

There is no home that doesn’t have a cell phone, neither is there a family that is not operating a bank account. Even if these two areas are missing, they cannot lose out in the payment of bills and communication. Africa embraced the mobile technology with its whole heart, and has started reaping immensely from the technology. Are you an entrepreneur looking for what to start up in Africa?

We have listed some of the ways you can make money for yourself in the field of mobile technology.

Mobile Money Services

Mobile Money Operators serve as a platform where individuals have the opportunity to either send or receive money with the help of their mobile phones. Due to the extensive ownership and usage of mobile devices in Africa, the need for firms and business organizations to adopt mobile devices for their transactions has increased rapidly.

MPesa, a well-known Mobile Money service in Kenya is setting the pace and is reputable for carrying out quick transactions than most banks in Africa. And to that effect, some African countries have adopted the Mobile money services following the achievement of MPesa.

The major challenge happens to be lack of broad circulation system which arises from scarcity of the necessary hands needed to bring to accomplishment the aim of Mobile Money which is ease in transaction.

Since the inception of the service in 2011, the low turn up received from some African countries like Nigeria is not encouraging. Not more than 3000 firms registered and became online Money operators in the beginning of 2013, whereas for the Nigerian market to be able to attain the height reached by Kenya’s MPesa, they need about 250,000 MMOs.

All over Africa, we have numerous mobile money services that are making it big. The reason is most people are tired of the banking system, that may keep them waiting for hours.

Payphone Services

Having a mobile phone in Africa is one of the easiest things to do. The other  necessity is having call credit to reach out to people . The chance of Payphone services being obsolete with time is almost impossible. Mobile phone users are sometimes faced with certain circumstances, probably poor network coverage or flat battery and most times there are chances of people’s phone being stolen.

Individuals, who can’t afford call credit every time, usually make use of the payphone as substitute since it is more affordable and convenient for those who rarely make calls.  You can re-awaken that segment of the communication business with better facilities.

Telecommunications infrastructure, installation process and repair services

Telecommunications companies are setting up base stations and communications masts across Africa as fast as they can. This is in order to serve the increasing population better and also to attain more height. Local construction companies have begun to construct the masts and towers with the necessary parts and equipment imported from countries like China. The local construction companies enjoy contracts too that takes care of routine servicing, repair and proper maintenance as an addition to installation. You can enjoy a business opportunity from this niche too.