Lucrative Business Ideas to Look Out for in Africa

Making money is always our number one priority even though there are other pressing needs that we desire like good health, kids, and many other desires. In Africa, many  look at us as if we are unable to feed three great meals a day. However, a visit to Africa quickly debunks this notion about the continent. Many of us want to invest on businesses that will pull out profits like rainfall.

We have listed some lucrative business ideas you will want to try your hands on;


Agriculture still stands tall in Africa. There are very cheap lands and labours to help you beat through the murky waters of business.  Interestingly, Agriculture often falls among the most search hits on the search engines for business ideas in Africa.  There are lots of grants for farmers including export financing for your products. Now is the time to start as a farmer in Africa.

Social Media Consulting

Most of the battles in our countries are fought online. The online has become the hottest spot for any business idea on earth. Africa is not left behind in the online business. Social media consulting is a lucrative business that many have taken advantage of in making cool cash in Africa. Politicians and business owners are out looking for brand influencers to support them with their causes.


Dropshipping can be difficult for many people in African especially those whose countries have problem with PayPal.  If you want a side hustle business, dropshipping will help you make a lot of money.

Animal feed production

There is a huge opportunity in animal feed production in Africa.  You don’t have to possess a big property or factory. You can start from anywhere and make a lot of money.

Waste Management

The waste management business is one that many run away from but it is a money milking factory.  Just start a waste management business and you will see the progress you will make within a short time. The waste recycling business is a profitable business in Africa.

Saving the planet will be a big talking point in 2018 and waste recycling business is one way to make it happen. This article will guide you on how to start your own profitable waste recycling business in Nigeria.