Low Cost Entrepreneur Ideas For Africans Without Enough Startup Money

Are you an African who is looking for a way to start a business but you are arrested by lack of cash? You should not worry because we have searched out great business ideas that will help you make money without spending a lot of money.

The following are some of the ways you can start up a business in Africa with little or no money:

Staff Relocation System

A lot of experienced individuals come to Africa to gain from its wealth of business opportunities  . In 2011, Wired Magazine made it known that anyone who desires to be the next technology billionaire should come to Africa. The major challenges these expatriates  and the firm that sent them encounter include visa issues, accommodation, schooling and many others.

The truth is that there are big firms that have been running in Africa for a long time, and have workforce and staff relocating systems available.  However, there are other firms that have  to start from the beginning  to get their staff relocating systems. You can start up a staff relocation business if you can hire experience workers for companies.

Market Data

Data is absent in Africa. There are a lot of missing information on researches and data conducted on Africa.  What this means is that you can start up a research on some of the missing data for companies. You can begin with desktop inquiries, gathering and creating information inquiries, which can be obtained by other firms available in a network.

Establish Guides for Foreign Entrepreneurs

You can give assistance to persons and firms that desire to setup businesses in Africa. This is in line with the information issues we listed before now, although this one centers on firms that desire to startup newly in Africa.

You can answer questions such as:

  1. What are the economic changes in Africa in five year to come?
  2. How can a non indigene start a business in a particular nation?
  3. What are the best means of contacting and linking people?
  4. What are the necessary things an external investor is suppose to know, for them to survive and work in a particular country for some years?
  5. What exactly are they suppose to know about their job, travelling etc.

With these information, it is easy for the companies to start up a business in Africa without lots of challenges.

Professional Listing

Professional listing is one of the low cost business ideas  you can take advantage Arrange in your web the various cont actor and professionals you have in your nation with specifications of their various area of specialization. Apply your understanding as an indigene of that country to verify all this inquiries.  You should be very tactical in rating.

City Guide

Tourism is gradually taking over many African cities. Some of these cities are without guides. City guides are very important and have become the focus of every movement done around the world. If you can create great city guides to tourists, it is going to be easier for you to make money and also support the tourism industry in Africa.