Look Chic With These Kitenge Fashionable Attires

Hey Ladies,

Do you have Kitenge fabric in your wardrobe? We are so comfortable with Kente that we are not thinking much about the Kitenge.

Interestingly, this fabric is making waves in some parts of Africa and the United States of America. There was a time this fabric was considered as a local champion that cannot make its marks outside the shores of the continent.

The reverse has become the case because of the huge demand that is made on Kitenge. The fabric is often referred to as Chitenge and many women in Africa have this piece. Thanks to the creativity of our local tailors who have ensured that Kitenge is not neglected with stunning styles.

You may be asking if there is  a difference between Ankara and Kitenge. There is no difference between the two fabrics. Most of us have the Kitenge and are not even aware of what fabric we have.


The two clothes represent our heritage and can be easily substituted when they are not sewn.

We have listed some of the designs that will inspire you to look chic when you step out with your Kitenge. This is the reason why we are projecting it for every lady to see and embrace.