Legendary Historic Cities You Can Visit in Nigeria

Nigeria is an amazing nation in West Africa, a nation that is richly blessed with landscapes, tourist sites and delicious cuisine.  Nigeria, a country that is heavily populated with mind-blowing architectural design and fascinating culture has always been the pride of Africa. It comfortably competes with other countries when it comes to tourism and hospitality. We have listed some of the historic cities you may love to visit in Nigeria.


Calabar is a very important city in Nigeria. It is the home of tourism in Nigeria.Calabar serves as the major seaport in Nigeria during the 16th century. In Calabar ,you will find old buildings that was raised decades ago and  you would see special sites that has become an attraction to tourists. Nigeria’s first Presbyterian church is found in Calabar and was built in 1846 as well as the Monorail. This city is  indeed a sight to behold.

Benin,  as an ancient kingdom will never cease to be a reference point to happenings that occurred during the colonial era. Benin has a rich cultural heritage of which her people had a vital role in its growth and development. This is why when you tour Benin, you will find monuments around the city which paints a picture of the ancient Nigeria and then, the modern day Nigeria.

In 1830, the city of Ibadan was founded as a military bastion and then on 1893,the British came down to Ibadan and made the city more popular. Ibadan is a hub of ancient structures that describes Nigeria’s past, but today Ibadan has a lot of tourist attraction but unlike others cities they are not boastful about what they have.

The Nigerian story will not be complete without talking about Lagos. Lagos has been in existence even before Nigeria was battling to leave their primitive stage of existence. In 1896, Lagos was made part of the British colony and was the one time capital of Nigeria before Abuja took over as the federal capital territory .It is worthy of note that Civilization has done so much for the city of Lagos as Lagos has become a reference point of excellence and it is greatly respected around the world.
Kano is one place to reckon with when it comes to the Nigerian past, the amazing architectural design of the city is magical and Kano boasts of diverse tourist sites and the people are very welcoming. Kano should come to mind when you want to really know some historical facts about Nigeria and a have a full dose of relaxation and fun.