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The State of Entrepreneurship for African Business Women

Being a woman entrepreneur in Africa can be a wild ride with incredible experiences.  The uncertainty of the market, the roller-coasters filled with a lot of ups and downs, possible harassments can be frightening for a woman. The new decade offered renewed energy and hope for women-owned...

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The Zulu People: The People of the Heavens

South Africa is a land filled with mesmerizing landscapes and romantic tourist destinations. The country has been a welcoming host to foreigners coming from different parts of the world. In the midst of these beautiful and attracting scenes reside the Zulu people.  The Zulu people have a...

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How You Can Travel Around Africa as a Tourist

Coming to Africa is often filled with different notions for first time visitors. While some feel fear of the unknown, others feel excited a continent not commonly explored by many. We can assure you that whichever way it goes, the suspense and thrill would keep you on your toes until you...

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Leading African photographers You Should Know

Across the continent, we have hundreds of extraordinary photographers whose work will keep you stunned and mesmerized.  If we start displaying their works, it will be so huge that it might take us years to conclude their collections. There was an era courses like medicine, law...

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