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Dangerous Bus-Stops You Can Avoid In Lagos

Welcome to Lagos, a place that doesn’t run short of dramas. There is so much to do in Lagos that every bus stop in the city is often another meeting point for tourist. However, there are bus stops that you may need to stay away from in the city. It is not that these bus stops are not...

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Culture Entertainment

Why You Should Spend Christmas in Nigeria

Christmas in Nigeria is a family event, a time when lots of family members come together to celebrate and have fun. You should really plan on spending your Christmas holidays in Nigeria because there is no boring time. There are always lots of activities to engage in.  Christmas in...

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Travel Tips

Five Ways To Avoid African Fake Travel Agencies

Most Africans wants to travel abroad for one thing or the other. It is either for business trips, study, medical trips or even for study and no one wants to run headlong into a possible travel scam. A lot of African travellers look out for breathtaking travel bargains. They want low rate...

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Best Travel Apps to Use for Documentation

The old people always say that technology has completely ruined the world, but we young people acknowledge that the statement made by this old people is wrong. One of the fascinating features of technology is the provision of smart phones in travelling which enables you to do so many...

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Exotic Nigerian Restaurants to Eat Great Meal

Food is very essential to the body and so should be prepared good. Now you could go into some restaurants in Nigeria and have a great meal and trust me it would be an unforgettable experience. We have taken time to list some of the exotic and lovely restaurants where you can have a great...

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