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Five Athletes You Never Knew Were Africans

In a competitive world of athletes, countries are always ready to support their own without reservation. There is hardly a year that we don’t see these men and women on different tracks around the world.  Sometimes, they win big and sometimes they lose like sportsmen.  However, there is...

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Five richest Africans Who Ever Lived.

There is no continent that doesn’t have wealthy men and women. Sometimes, the wealth that these people amass is unbelievable in the midst of recession and lack. There are parameters used in checking out the wealth of these men and women.   Forbes is a king when it comes to fishing...

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Weird Marital Rites You May Encounter in Africa

In Africa, marriage is scared and is respected. In some parts of Africa, there are marital rites that are strange you may be shocked to witness.  The oddity of some of these rites is what makes marriage exciting where they are practiced.  Over the years, we have seen some of these...

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