Jodhpuri Suits: An Epitome of Class For African Men

We love suits in Africa. Ever heard of the Jodhpuri suit? The Jodhpuri suit is in a royal class. You do not see it often. The reason is simple. Jodhpuri suit is not our traditional outfit. Bandhgala or Jodhpuri suit is a semi-formal traditional suit that originated in a place called Rajasthan, in India. Today, this suit has found its place in different parts of Africa.

There is always an opportunity to dress on suit in Africa. Whether you are the casual or traditional person, suits are not ignored. No matter how much we try, we find ourselves in weddings, special events, official functions, and job interviews that demand you must wear suits.

Jodhpuri suit is a cloth that interpreted the Indo-Western sartorial style.  It comes as a western stylish suit, in form of a trouser and a coat.  Sometimes, you can use vest to wear it.  The suit offers a western cut with Indian hand-embroidery that has gotten makeovers in different parts of the world.

Do you want to look grand? You can make use of brooches, cufflinks, and designer buttons to give your suit a unique outlook.  You can enjoy the attention Jodhpuri suit offers when you rock one to a function.

The suit was inspired from armed forces’ uniform, especially when you look at its neck region. The suit comes with a standing collar accompanied with a deep U shaped neck. You can insert a silk scarf or any other fashion item.

You can pair Jodhpuri suits with any creative item.  How do you look exceptional in this suit? You should find ways to create designs that are rare to find around. We have seen many government officials and religious leaders wear Jodhpuri suits.

When it comes to looking chic, you can dress more like the Indians in it or go for your design. However, you design this suit, it comes out great on you. However, you should understand that colour has something to do with what you wear.

Often, this suit comes in black or navy blue. This does not mean that the suit cannot be white, floral, or any other colour. You should mind your other accessories when you want to use this suit for a function.

Colour block or colour experiments should not be carried out by people who cannot create matching colours with the suit.  A mismatched colour can ruin your Jodhpuri suit. From your suit to the shoes, you should ensure that they complement each other.

Jodhpuri suit is special suit that many Africans are still finding it difficult to embrace. While most of us love our traditional suits that range from tuxedo to one-button suits, you can try wearing this designer suit.

For that red carpet or wedding event, you can rock the Jodhpuri suit to look different. For those who want to get married, both the groom and his groom men can stand out among other men on suit can wear.

What do you think of this Jodhpuri suit? Are you ready to give it a try? Can you wear it for your special event? Let us know!