IOE Centenary Scholarship For Masters Students

IOE Centenary Scholarship Targeted Degree: Masters

Are you an African who wants to study without stress? With the number of scholarships available online, many of us find it difficult to locate the right ones for our Masters programmes.

Over the years we have listed some or the finest scholarship programmes on our site. Many students have found the scholarships useful and many have applied.

Here is another opportunity to study stresslessly this year.

Deadline of Scholarship: 4 May 2020

Students who want to apply for this scholarship should go to the website we have linked below and apply.


City to Study In: London, United Kingdom

Course Begins: Sept, Oct, 2020

Scholarship Description:

IOE Centenary Scholarship is for masters students who intend working in their countries, or taking care of those who are disadvantaged or the underachieved people in their countries. These students desire to improve the condition of these people who are disadvantaged in the society.

Place of Study: Institute of Education, University College London, United Kingdom

Field(s) of study: The scholarship offers a full time Master’s programme at University College London, Institute of Education


Those who studied online courses do not qualify for the scholarship.

Number of Scholarships: This was not made known.

Target Students: Students who came from developing or low income countries.

Scholarship inclusions/value:

This scholarship takes care of a year accommodation and full tuition at the university. Students stay at the International Students House. However, students are informed that traveling, subsistence during stay and other costs is not bore by the scholarship.

The students enjoy a one year academic session in the school which is subjected to satisfactory progress.

Students Eligibility:

Candidates who are applying:

should be residents or citizens of developing or low income countries with GNI that is less than$8000 per capita (as per the World Bank GNI per capita classification tables).

The candidate must have an offer at the UCL Institute of Education to study a full time masters degree from a September-October 2020.

The candidate can only be admitted if it is the first time the person is coming to the UK.

Application Instructions:

Before you can be eligible to apply for this scholarship, you need to have an offer to study a full time masters degree in London at the UCL Institute of Education. This is the first criterion that is required. For those who are eligible, they should email for the scholarship application form. The student’s ID number should be included in the email.

You can visit the official website of the scholarship by clicking here: