Innovations That Are Transforming Africans in Africa

From environment to health to the fintech, we have seen amazing inventions that are transforming the lives of  millions of people in Africa.  In 2017, African tech startups got over $560 million of investment and the funds have increased in the subsequent years.

Turning Waste Into Riches: Kodjo Afate Gnikou

Electronic waste has grown over 100 million tones, and this waste is sent to Africa illegally. This menace has posed a major challenge to many countries. However, someone in Togo, Kodjo Afate Gnikou, decided to create something good from the waste. In 2013, he innovated a 3D printer that makes use of electronic waste.

Solution to Car Accident: SafeMotos

In Rwanda, car accidents are the country’s second leading cause of death after HIV/AIDS. To curb this problem business partners Peter Kariuki and Barrett Nash invented the SafeMotos.  People order their fare through the app when they want to use experienced driver screened and monitored with a smartphones.

Food Delivery: Tupuca

In 2015, four Angolans including CEO Erickson Mvezi started Tupuca, a food delivery service for the people. From pharmacies, restaurants to supermarkets, the invention can deliver groceries and food to people.

Solving Energy Problem: Sun Exchange

A South African startup company, Sun Exchange identifies areas where a small scale solar installation is suitable. Villages where these installations are enjoy affordable power and the people who invented get profit.

Foundation For Development: Flutterwave

In 2016, a Nigeria company started Flutterwave, based on a financial application programming interface that makes it simpler to process payments across Africa.  Flutterwave  handles the complicated card payment system in Africa during international transactions.

You will see other innovations in different parts of Africa. For entrepreneurs, Africa is a great place to invent clever apps and businesses because of the ready market here.