Innovations That Are Revolutionising farming in Africa

These days, being called a farmer is losing its poor mentality among millions of Africans. The truth is not far-fetched. Most people who are engaged in commercial farming are the wealthy. Even the average people who are farming find it difficult to make ends meet because of finances and limitations.  However, in the midst of these challenges, some smart innovators have found  ways to help farmers in Africa meet their demands.

The world is finding it hard to meet its hunger needs because agriculture has not been fully implemented in many countries especially in Africa and other developing world. Innovative farming is the solution to what has stopped many from farming in Africa. Smallholder farmers can utilize these changes and make impacts in their communities if they can take advantage of them.

Dairy Hubs

In Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries, these hubs are successful. Dairy hubs connect dairy processors to smallholder farmers. The connection reduces cost and allows them to save through this model. The farmers are educated and make good money with healthier animals.

Fertilizer Deep Placement (FDP)

In Nigeria, Niger and Burkina Faso, fertilizer deep placement is used by farmers.  Rural farmers make use of fertilizer products for a higher agricultural produce. However, many farmers do it wrongly. With FDP, farmers make great yields with a small fertiliser application.

Mobile Apps

Many mobile apps have been developed to help farmers make the right choice. In many African countries,  developers have come up with amazing apps like VetAfrica to support both livestock farmers and other farmers on the best farming practice.

High-Roofed Greenhouses

Greenhouses are becoming popular among African farmers who want to don’t have access to large lands. With greenhouse that the USAid has designed, African farmers can produce crops that are high yielding.

New Feeding Systems

The new feeding system takes care of farm animals. The process involves blending and weighing foodstuffs that animals take. Animals can take the complete nutrient requirement through this feeding system.

Farm Management Software and Training

Training farmers can be expensive. Many farmers who cannot afford to attend seminars or training can make use of the farm management software and training. The software takes care of pest management, animal care and even crop development.  It ensures farmers calculate the food rations well and many other farm tips.

These are few of the innovations that many farmers are taking advantage of in creating better lives. If you are not able to get enough information about any of this innovation, you can read in depth about each of the innovation to get an idea of what they are all about.