IMU–Simons African Fellowship Program 2018 for mathematicians from African developing countries ($5,000 )

Deadline: March 30, 2018

The Simons Foundation, NY, USA funds the IMU–Simons African Fellowship Program  and also supports research sabbaticals for Africans  who are mathematicians. These mathematicians should be employed in  an African country and are expected to travel  to a mathematical center of excellence (worldwide)  for collaborative research.

There is a provision of $5,000 that will cover all expenses (living and travel)

The Simons Foundation was incorporated by Jim and Marilyn Simons as a private foundation in 1994.  The mission of the foundation is to move the frontiers of any collaborative basic sciences and mathematics research.  The foundation sponsors a wide range of programs in the sciences and grants in the physical sciences and mathematics. The main objective of the Simons Foundation’s physical Sciences and Mathematics is the theoretical sciences that emits from mathematics, theoretical physics, theoretical computer science and mathematics.

The “IMU – Simons African Fellowship Program” is expected to run until September 2021 (5 years)

  • The fellowship is expected to take care of   research sabbaticals for people living in Africa who are mathematicians and are working  in Africa, who are expected to travel to an Internationally known mathematical university/ centre of excellence (WORLDWIDE) for collaborative research.
  • The fellowship is only for a limited research period and not for post doctoral training or post graduate courses.
  • The grant will cover basic living and travel costs of mathematics in Africa and working in Africa. This grant is specially for people coming from any developing country.

The $5,000 Grant Details:

  1. It will cover your travel costs
    1. This includes the country where you are working to the f economy class airfare.  Your flights are fully booked by the IMU Secretariat.
    2. The public transport  including bus or rail that will take you to the airport. Maximum four taxi fares can be allowed on submission of receipts.
    3. If you are to spend a time in a hotel, you should make it known in your budget details. Maximum of a night can be paid from the grant.
  2. The full visa fees
  3. Your charges on travel insurance
  4. The daily allowance of your basic living cost

Application Procedure

In order for you to apply, it is expected that you take the following actions or step;

  1. You are to fill out and then submit your online application form for the fellowship at tthe IMU-Simons Programs.
  2. The next step is to send your application with all requested documents (invitation letter by the host institution, letter by the home institution, two CVs: of the host and the applicant, detailed Research plan, tentative budget details in USD as one joint pdf document plus a picture of the applicant to CDC Grants
  3. You should submit the completed bank information form 

Apply HERE