Important Tips If You Want To Export Products From Africa to the USA

Exporting produce from Africa to the United States of America is a dream many entrepreneurs have. Only a few of these business owners have the opportunity of taking their products to countries outside Africa.   The USA is the largest market and top economy in the world. If you can push your products to it, you have a lot to gain if you do it right. Unfortunately, only 1.4% of USA’s total imports came from Africa in 2018. While the market is attractive for Africans living in Africa, there are things you should know if you want to start exporting your product to America.

Compliance Requirements of FDA

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is strict with its scaling of products from other countries.  FDA makes use of the Predictive Risk-based Evaluation for Dynamic Import Compliance Targeting (PREDICT) system in determining which product is safe and perfect to enter the country.

The Kinds of Products

There are products that must comply with FDA rules before they can be exported, and they include products like tobacco, cosmetic products, drug products, medical devices, dietary supplements, beverages, food and many others.

Common Mistakes Business Make

  1. Improper Product Labeling
  2. Failure to conduct good research before exporting
  3. Not completing an FDA Registration

There are products with the worst chance of passing FDA regulations. Products with cosmetic labeling can have strict review before it can be exported. The following firm must register with FDA if they must export to America;

  • Food companies that produce, pack, processes or even store animal or human foods.
  • Medical Device Establishments.
  • Drug Establishments.
  • Tobacco Establishments

You can learn more about exporting on your niche before you can think of conducting it.