How You Can Travel Around Africa as a Tourist

Coming to Africa is often filled with different notions for first time visitors. While some feel fear of the unknown, others feel excited a continent not commonly explored by many. We can assure you that whichever way it goes, the suspense and thrill would keep you on your toes until you finish your visit.  Africa is filled with some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth, exotic animal encounters, rich cultural traditions, sumptuous meals, and pristine beaches.

The continent captivates you no matter how many times you visit.  How do you feel when you visit Africa? We have many tour companies that can take you around some countries. However, if you are on your own, you might want to do things differently.

For short-term tourists, they might want to do a crash traveling without a hassle.  Here are ways you can travel around Africa and have an exciting time during your trip:

Public Bus

Every country in Africa has its bus system. We have countries with well-designated routes that allow you travel without difficulty.  Take for instance; Nigeria has the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Lagos for easy movement across the metropolis. So many other African countries have their specialized Bus systems too.

If you want to learn about the people in a particular country, the bus systems offer you drama, intrigues, and much more.  You have the opportunity to make friends and interact with the locals on your ride. It is an authentic way of moving across the continent. If you are a storyteller, the old buses have more dramas for you.

Minivans and Taxis

The minivans and taxis give you a bit of privacy, especially the taxis.  Thanks to Uber and other car-sharing companies in Africa.  If you want your quietness and space, go for the private taxis, and if you want companions, the minivans give you that spot.

Even though the private taxis do not encourage much interaction with the locals, you would still get a lot if you are one who likes to observe as you could take your time to analyze the people and their way of life.

While the minivans might not be prestigious if you want your time alone, it offers you an affordable way of traveling. You spend less and embrace the people’s culture better with these vans.

If you are lucky, you might meet the local drug sellers in the minibus, who will make you smile, frown, and wonder whats with their wonder drugs.

These minivans do not leave until they are full with passengers.  They often move around with conductors, whose slangs might be difficult to understand. If you do know what they are saying, get a local to help you understand. In a mega city like Lagos, these conductors might confuse you with the way they pronounce names of bus stops.


If you are in South Africa or Namibia, you can hitchhike. However, places like Central Africa, you might not want to try it.  This comes with its challenges and risks, but if you get the ideal one, you would enjoy it.

How you must have an ideal of hitchhiking in Africa before you can try it.  You can tip the driver if the person accepts. Most drivers might not want to collect any money from you, especially if they know you are a foreigner.


Of course, if you have a host in the country you are visiting, your host could chauffeur you around their city but if not you might be left with using means of traveling such as trains, buses, minivans, hitchhiking etc

To see Africa better, you should travel in groups more to mingle with the locals and see more attractive sites. We recommend that you should not travel with expensive stuff or dress too expensive if you are using buses.