How You Can Eat Out In Local Uganda Restaurants

Uganda has many things to keep your mind off your busy schedule. You mustn’t have enough money to eat and drink in Uganda. There are many local restaurants that are called hotelis that you can eat some delicious meals under $2.  If it is your first time of visiting Uganda, you will discover that a local meal here is mostly based around chicken or meat stew and eaten with any of the country’s four staples; matoke, rice, chapatti or ugali.

Ugali is a popular staple in Uganda that is composed of stiff maize porridge while matoke is made of plantain dish that is served in a mushy or boiled form.  There is hardly a part of the country where you will not eat any of these staples.  The groundnut sauce is popular in the country.  You can try it if you come across it.   Mandazi is the Ugandan equivalent of the delicious doughnuts that are served around the world.  Mandazi is tasty cooked but you can eat it if it is up to a day old.  It is mostly sold at markets and served at restaurants .

If  you want to eat very cheap, come over to the bus stations and around stalls close to any market.  It is not mandatory that you will eat cheap when you got money to spend. The number of exotic restaurants  serving Indian or Western cuisine can go for around $5.  In Kampala, you can spend as much as $10 per head in most restaurants.

There are hotels and upmarket lodges where you can be served high quality meals.  If you are a vegetarian , you may have to use the Indian restaurants.  It is only Indian restaurants that can serve vegetarians perfectly.

You can cook for yourself if you have the opportunity. The supermarkets and markets can help you with variety of foodstuffs according to seasons and locations.  However, if you are in major towns, the supermarkets will serve you things lie frozen meat, chocolate bars, pasta, rice and lots more. The market is the best place to buy affordable sweet potatoes, bananas, tomatoes , sugarcane, mangoes, oranges and soup ingredients.


There is no shortage of drinks in Uganda.  Drinks are either cheap or expensive depending the one you want to buy. In Kampala and other cities, you can get your favourite drinks that are imported from different parts of the world.

The locals have chai, which is a sweetened tea that most locals love taking.  Chai can be flavoured with ginger.  Coffee can be brewed locally and served in local bars.  Larger beer is the main alcoholic drink you can take in Uganda. There are other alcoholic drinks you can take too. With many things to do in Uganda, eating out can be fun. You can come along with your family to Uganda if you want to have the best local cuisine that is healthy and delicious.