How to Rock Your Bold And Bright Dresses

Colours are important while choosing an outfit as they can set the mood within you and around you. You can start a chain reaction of happiness simply by wearing the shades of the rainbow through bright uplifting clothing. It impacts both how you feel and how others perceive you as well. Wearing bright colours has been proven to enhance your mood while wearing bold and warm colours produces dopamine which is also known as “the feel-good hormone”.

In this post, we’ll show you how to rock those bold and bright coloured dresses. We will also take you through the paint-box in our simple guide to wearing bold colours and bright coloured dresses. You can lift a grey day or brighten your mood with a pop of colour added to a monochrome outfit with a bright accessory or by simply wearing a bold dress with denim, black and white. Some of the most common colours include:

1.) Blue
Statistically, the world’s favorite color is blue. The colour is believed to promote the release of oxytocin which is also known as the ‘cuddle hormone (perhaps because of its relationship with water and nature, like looking at the clear blue skies, lakes, rivers, or seas). A soothing, tranquil blue colour can calm the mind. Asides from being a beautiful color that keeps you standing out, its easy ‘wearability’ through denim and its versatile spectrum of shades consistently tops the list.

2.) Pink
The colour “pink” signifies romance, femininity, and boldness. Whether it’s show-stopping electric pink sweaters that pack a punch or a jaw-dropping fuchsia pink dress that steals the limelight, a blazing hot pink represents confidence.
Boldly embrace the power of a pink outfit in the ‘60s -inspired mini skirt or you can add touches of the pink in a slogan sweater.

3.) Red
Red is a colour popularly known as the colour of passion and love. It invokes feelings of energy, stimulation, and warmth. Feel free to fire up your look in our fiercely proud ‘Mother’ slogan jumper or you can wear a ’burning’ red day dress. Never forget that you look ten times cooler in a red dress. To give off that classic vintage style, you can always vamp up your stunning look with red lipstick.

4.) Green
Green represents the earth and nature so get ready to look serene in a green outfit. The colour makes a perfect first impression as it is supposedly the easiest colour for the eyes to process. You can keep heads turning in a bold block-color dress or make them green with envy in a botanical green print.

5.) Yellow
Yellow is a colour that depicts happiness. Wearing a cheery yellow bright coloured dress can give off positive energy and vibes. In the past, yellow represented defiance through the yellow ribbons of the women’s suffrage movement in the US. Presently, yellow is associated with Gen Z. You can be the sunshine in a bold yellow sundress or rock a basic denim look with a yolky yellow cardie.

6.) Rainbow
The rainbow represents hope just like the triumph of the sun which appears after the rain. A sure way to spark up joy and happiness is by combining all the colours in a bold rainbow stripe dress. Be it a full cotton shirt dress or a cheerful rainbow motif attire, feel confident while wearing your arches of colour.