How to Pick the Perfect Lingerie for Your Body

Young ladies often have challenges picking the right lingerie. With the number of lingerie brands online and offline, it may be a daunting even for an experienced fashionista in picking the best for her.  Don’t despair if you are still having challenges getting your lingerie.   We have listed some of the ways you can get the right lingerie in any shop.


Identify the body type

The body types may not be the final step while selecting your lingerie. However, it is imperative that you know your body size.  It would be disaster if you go for the wrong lingerie because of the body size. If you are pear shaped and go for another body shaped lingerie, it would not fit.

Lingerie looks sexy when it hugs the body perfectly  and this is why you should go for lingerie that is suitable for your shape and size.

Focus on the parts you love

You will only feel comfortable when you focus on the body type you admire.  There is insecurity issue when it comes to women and their fashion sense.  You shouldn’t beat up yourself because of some parts of your body you may not feel proud of.  You should look for lingerie that would accent your curve and make you feel complete. Even if it is a nightgown,  it should cling at the right places. You should wear what makes you feel great.


Try many options

Women are advised to put on G-string while going for lingerie shopping. The reason is to give them opportunities to try on different lingerie options. You should not shop online if you want to get the best.  You should also know that the dressing room lighting is not perfect for the right attire. Go for a relaxed and calm atmosphere to help you choose the right lingerie. If you have a close friend who you are comfortable with, she can come along to give her opinion on your choice.


Select two ensembles

When selecting your lingerie, you should pay special attention to how you feel. Sequins and lace might be great but they can be uncomfortable and itchy.  Narrow your choices to two ensembles while shopping.  You should go for something super-sexy and fussy that will allow you sleep with comfort. You may never know the best lingerie until you are ready to show off in front of your partner.



Lingerie colour matters a lot. White lingerie may be a no go area if you want to maintain your lingerie for a long time. It doesn’t matter how  neat and careful you are, white may end losing its sparkling nature over time. Give preference to great colours like black, pink, red and other colours.


Matching Lingerie

Ladies who want to look gorgeous should get matching lingerie. Getting a bra and panties separately may not be a good idea. You should go for similar undergarment even if the bra didn’t come with a pant.  Matching your undergarment can be a great choice for you if you are trendy .